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This is 2010

This is 2010.

Let's welcome 2011!
Happy New Year ! :D

happy new year's eve

Today marks the end of 2010.
Are you excited for 2011? :D

My resolution for the whole new year would be :
1. I wants everybody to live happily and healthy.
2. Excel in studies .

What about you? :D

Recap of 2010


Merry Christmas 2010

To all loveables people here!

A very Merry Christmas !


Bringing back childhood times

It's 10 mins before Christmas!
How did you spend your Christmas eve ?
I've been at Orchard with jiekai, andrew and co & look for sweety for awhile.

Below is my cycling trip with my very awesome class!
21st Dec 2010
We cycled all the way from ECP to Changi V.
When we came back, all of us are groaning of aches! Esp our asses! HAHA

Halfway, Qh Tyre give way.
He got to cycle with two bikes to change his Tyre.

This really bring back our childhood memories.
We swing , swing , swing .

CO BBQ 2010

This is Co bbq at pasir ris park that happens on 18th dec!
Well, the bbq is a total fail with just wings and wings and wings!
But had a really good catch-up time with seniors.