I'm like back to blogging after so long , >:/
I'm officially done with work and waiting for poly to starts . :D
(Cheers! )

Went back co ytd the first time after graduation .
Although , there's a lot of unfamiliar faces there but it's not a bad thing : D
Finally, ups for the sec 1 intakes . :D

Went over to (erhu ) classroom to disturb ,
Mr scold me was saying nobody inform him about the kfc treat that he offered and now he is broke . (Laughs ! )
Furthermore, we were talking about the sleepy faces some juniors has due to last night football match ! (haha)

well, i aint a secondary school student anymore.
Or rather, no more JOEY MOH KAI WEN in East View Secondary School .
Yeah , alomost everybody was saying evss sucks to the core.
why is there such a lousy school in singapore.
After the four years of education there , "sucks" slowly emerges through "rawkks" in the end.
Not because of the school , but of the class, teachers , school mates .
They are the one that pulls you through examinations by examinations and to build up your well-being .
Whatever it is , it's up to individual to see how well the school is.

Jiayou , sec 4 students this year :D



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