Just came back from dinner, wasn't as expected though.

Things varies amongst people, one say this and the other say that.
When things start to get around, it clashes and cause confusion.
Indeed, the ones could really hurt you is those whom are really close to you.
Someday, you thought he/she will protect you from all the outside danger that you will faced.
In reality, it's isn't true all the time.
This is what you see,what you learn. You know they will be there.
But, will they really be there?
Everyone isn't perfect, we make mistakes . Will you close an eye to that or start picking that person out of boredom or just for fun ?
All human beings know this, it isn't easy to live on earth like that.
I rank friends and families first during interview today.
If someday, they betrayed you. No longer love you anymore. No longer be there for you. What will you do ?


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