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Hello, people.

I shall do a little blogging here before going to bed.
Things not been great for me this couple of weeks.
Family and relationship(s)
Hope for the better is the only thing i could do?

Projects are stacking high up way to the ceiling, submissions dates are so near that blew me off.
Total exhaustion.
2 lab tests and finance test next week,

tired to think of anymore .

got to move on.

I need some cough syrup ):
Click for freeeeee samples here!
Will blog soon :D
Anyone knows any web that can upload gif files. tag me at my cbox! Thanks:D
Do click on my Nuffs too :DDDDDDD
Awfully sick ):
Anyone wanna go with me to the doctor ? >):
J. dint reply ):


Random! In PRSP labbbbbbb :D
It's a wednesday,
tmr, thursday,
It's the 21st today !:D
Which means Leon and Dylan birthday !
Happy birthday to both of you ! :DD

last year , such a beautiful memory
How cute !
tummy got crank up again ! ):

Things to complete later :

1. start on VBA excel for isofun.
2. PRSP.

This will take me whole night .

101th post

I got my liese charm :D
Cute, have you got yours? :D


Change posting settings to a day!
So, blog will be showing posts by day :DD


Part 2~


I like this ! The big tree, da en just randomly appear here when johan snap ! haha :D

Like this as well :D

:D Next up, Airport photos :D


Just came back from fetching sister from tuition!
Went to 201 before that to collect stuffs (:

Did project with C263-ians @ airport.
Search around for awhile for plugs but there's none ):
Will post up the photos soon!

Spain or Netherlands ?
This is ACICHARITY packers :D
There's still alot more but they dont seems to upload ):
Try again next time !
Well, i really wanna post up the ACI photos, but blogger and photobucket just couldn't upload it ):

Bbfin test is over, i think i failed ):
I did all my calculations wrongly, 20 marks of 40 gone ):
How to pass! 20 % weightage . GONE CASE.

eyes and stomach been giving me a lot of problems lately ):

ytd isn't a nice day .

Lining up blog-posts.

ACI @ dunxon hill super fun today ! :DWill be posting up the photos really soon!

2. Blogshops that i frequent !



About todday!
It's a wednesday.!

Somebody actually pulled my hair and still have the thought that my hair is still attached with all the extensions when it my real hair ! ):

Aww, the somebody wont see this so it's safe.


love you!


Well, as what i twit, i go back to twitting again.
hooray ?

If you know , most of my twits are kinda emo ~ :/
Albert & Candice will always be the ones texting me after reading the twits :D
Love them .

Still, i will still blog more than updating twitter.
Stay tune!
I'm going to bed now~
yawns, goodnight people.

love you!
Hi, people.

My mind just went blank when i came to this blogging space.
I got so much to talk about, so much hoping there's someone i could lean against now.

Of many people, i really wants to grab d's hand and say i love you . (;
It's been tough , very tough .
please do pull through .

Interesting Fact #1

Interesting Fact #1:

everybody setting up a formspring account!
Haha, not me !

but there it's goes, Interesting Fact #1 on blogger for me! :D

"I love sleeping and i do sleep very early every night! :D"

I bet my class knows about this! ( haha)

P/s, anybody want to have mac breakfast tmr ? :D
miss my hashbrowns! :D
damn upset right now, i really dont know what on earth am i doing .
Looking at daddy situation really breaks my heart . How can one take care of himself alone at home like that . he insisted.
Everybody just broke down and cry looking at just now .
I just want dad to have a full recovery.
why is this all like that .

The pain he suffered, the tears he shed, not to gain sympathy but would you understand this?
How much pain he went through, yet not recovered.
the time, money still returns us nothing.

Please, god. help him.
How cute ! :D
I found this during bloghopping! :D