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Studying @ business schoool :DD
Anyone wanna buy me bags ? :D
Sudden urge to buy a lot a lot of bags ):


Hello, people :D

I'm blogging again.
This time it more like a self-reminder and "to-do-list" to myself.

STUDY FOR MAINS! (AHHHH)A new blogskinPack my roomGet my bookshelf :DGet a haversack !Daily Routine:

Wake up in the morning:
Fold my blanket and arrange plushies on bed :D
Study study study
Sleep :D



Dylan shared the link. HAHA

SNSD Jessica&Tiffany - Heaven

My blog stats drops from a 3 digits to 2 digits ):
It's lack of update , i know .

Anyway , I ended the YOG job ytd already .
Feel kinda relieved . No more troubles there.
(Fuck that asshole , go back to your country lah )
'Really thaankful to all hpb people there , they are really nice ! :D
Hope can work with them again !

Time to study for Mains ):

I miss jinyou and clique ):

KTV張韶涵 頭號甜心 01

Twins - 星光游乐园 [Featuring: Danson Tang]

Asshole, you fucking roll back to your country and stop bullshitting here.
This is not your country and definitely not your space for all your crap.
Your unreasonable fucking attitude got you no where, hell note this is singapore.
Get lost .
If court , you declare lose .

got myself to lots of trouble , you tell me what's life about .
/miss those times when theres me & you . );
hello, people.

My stats drop drastically.
Do hopes tomorrow will run smoothly , for the next few days too .
feeling damn insecure now > ):

time for bed .
night .
Click on them to view :DD
like this :D
I cant upload the photos ):
Internet too slow ):
Anybody wanna help me ?
Yesterday was great :D
Work with gwen and helmi at the booths , helmi kept bullying me ):
jer came by , :D
Evss counselor came too :D

Super tired this few days.
It's time for an end .

Beneath the scar kept thousands of stories , hundreds of lies .
It still being wonderful memory .
For a memory .

Alot photos coming by , :D
hello people :D
Just a short update, i'm tired ):
I got my furniture today and had a great time with sujuan!
Love her! :DD
HAHA, i think she would be laughing at me throughout the trip :D

Goodnight people:D
Tags :D

Leon- Haha, i'm super tired that day . ): super blur!
Joyce - Hey , :D Thanks ! :DD Meet up soon. Miss!
tingg - haha . yeah . you too :D the happy girl!
I'm the world's loser today.

1. I send in sms for a contest today and when it actually starts tmr(12Aug).
Waste my money.
2. I waited in the bank for 15 mins to get my address change and forgot that i dint change my NRIC address yet. HOW DUMB.
3. I bought jasmine green tea from a bubbletea shop not knowing it just green tea after i bought it.

Coolz huh.

That's it ?

Hello, people :D

I know i not been updating regularly, my stats drops too ):
I will be only updating if there's "happy" stuffs to blog about .
I cant be blogging "FML" all day. :/

Continue clicking the nuff ads! :D

Meanwhile, i update all the photos taken during past few days :D
Stay tune!
Damn fucking sad ):

screw up finance test. i did study but it's so sucky. I dont want sub papers ):
Accidentally hit hip bone against door, blueblack.

Joyce and daen came over my house to collect specs voucher.
They saw my plushies!
(it's so fluffy, i'm gonna die! :D )
Had dinner with them after that , nice!

if only , you were here.

Hi, people.
I just feels like blogging although there's lab test and finance test tmr.
Really gonna study hard for finance, > ):

to you , ;
Well, I hope you are living happily now.
Coping well with studies and definitely your time.
That 6 months was kinda wonderful with you .
It doesn't turn out as expected.
It's like a thick piece of glass, we handle it with care.
But still, it still fragile. And yes it broke.
All i can say is All the best.
Take care,


Look , how cute is my pet! :D