Hello, readers !

I'm back again.
I'm blogging almost everyday now.
It's pretty boring nowadays with no job.
Awaits for the baking session and F1 with friends! ت

Meanwhile, I shall blog about Bags .
There's a lot of bags i like and wanna get.

1.Verzel 's bag!

Isn't this sweet .
It can be brought out anywhere.
Just enough to place wallet, phone and key!

2. Manhattan Pottage

A bag for school!
I will either choose the red or black one !
Like nice only.
The main thing is that it's big enough to place my lappy in.
The two padded shoulder straps shared the weight and make it lighter to be carry around!
Furthermore, it is Water-resistant coating. :D

3. Crumpler

Big and spacious.
Chic and cool design.
Water resistant!

Above two looks alike, but it's not!
Left: the low flying duck
Right : Hoax

I prefer the low flying duck , but Hoax not bad too! :D:D

This post will motivate me to save money to buy bags !
Jiayou !


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