Hello blog.
I'm currently very very bored .
Like real real real bored.
Anyway, I'm just bored.
I'm like got nothing better to do , so i'm blogging again.
I dont know how many posts am i going to blog in one day lah , but because &beloved " is my friend i'm blogging to him.

I'm drinking milktea now, chewing on pink pearls in the drink!
I remember my youngest sister telling me that her teacher told her only woodlands have pink pearls.
When she's coming back home, I'm gonna tell her I got pink pearls milktea @ bedok!!
ok nehmind, I very nonsense today . very.

I was chatting with sweety online just now.
We grumble a lot and i think we are just envious on how they do it.
Blah .
Aiya, you go ask him.

I want to walk around my house now.
Or at least pack my room then go find papa.

bye, blog.
see you soon. :D


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