Day 2 - 10 Things You Love

Day 2 - 10 Things I Love
  1. I love Hershey's Special Dark 65%chocolate :D
  2. I love dresses
  3. I love eeyoreeee! e-ohhh
  4. I love my bedd!
  5. I love my papa mama ahma, family!
  6. I love my friends!
  7. I love to singgggg!
  8. I love to chat with people till I'm snoring when we're still on the line (:
  9. I love high-heels.
  10. I love you, (heh).

This is like Day1 , hha but nehmind:D

I'mma get your heart racing
In my skin tights jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight

Let you put your hands on me
In my skin tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight
(Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight)


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