Happy BIG 17th Birthday to the above ^
Happy 17th Birthday to Goh Jin You
Happy 17th Birthday , sweety !

See, I said three happy birthday(s) at the start already .
You must be damn honored . This whole post belongs to you and only you.
I'm so niceeeeeeeee :D

(Must shed those 感动 tears while reading!)

Here it's goes!

The latest photo ^ above at Simei Starbucks study session.
Yeah, it's a study session , but the time we laugh and chat took more than the time we studied!
Nevertheless, It's a great time!

This marks our 5th year of friendship.
5 years .

First & Second year,
(Secondary 1 and 2)

We met at Mavis Tutorial Centre for tuition!
The very first class was Mr Billy Maya class.
The animal trainer and the class suppose to be his "animals" .
He got to be the one whom tames us to be a English-educated "animals"

But we aint very close these two years ...

Third & Forth year,
(Secondary 3 and 4)

These two years we been hanging a lot.
Partly because we are staying in the same residential area!
So, it goes :

Hey, slack at night?

We end up getting very very close.
Study sessions, Basketball, Hanging out, slacking, Gambles, Chit-chatting , job-seeking and so on.

5th year,

Like even closer can!

@ StarBucks

@ Tp.

This is birthday message! :D
Happy Birthday, sweety! Finally 17!
Nevertheless , still a small kid! You never know what you blurted out when you're drunk.
Haha. :D Laughs.
This 5 years of friendship had been great!
Sorry for not able to accompany you in the noon, but well , see you at night!
Once again, Happy 17th Birthday ! ♥



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