Hello, readers .

I'm blogging about the car i like today !
I am determine to get my driving license really soon when I'm eligible.
Many many cars are driving meticulously on the roads in Singapore.
Have you spot the one you like ?
Cause I spot mine and I'm blogging about it now.

Volkswagen - New Beetle

I got to admit that I dont really know much about cars.
Like how cars really work , what have them to be equipped to be powerful and such.
However, New Beetle really caught my eye.
You know those love at first sight can describe how I look at this car.
It's small and cute. The bright coloured paints they have are really eye-catching.
Especially the one I like, Sunflower colour!
It gives me a very cheerful feeling. Whenever I look at the car, the colour could just brightens up my day. Don't you think so ?

How about you ? :D


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