Current song : Like a rose -Westlife

Today , 20102010 :D

If you're pondering what am I doing right now.
I'm downloading westlife songs , reading "This is my story" storybook form sunnu:D
I'm also awaiting for school to start to ease the boredom. However, looking at the new timetable is another thing. A mere disaster for Tuesday . (9-7 pm)
A super duper long day . I'm still hesitating about my yoga class too >):

My nails are so long now and it's hard to type on the keypad.
It's time to snip it off.
Let's talk bout my dream last night , kinda scary and delightful.
I dont know why either . All I remember was there were laughter around the solemn atmosphere.
There's this moment too , my nails are so long that it left scratch marks on this person neck .
Haha, I cant remember who's that person . What I remember was vivid redmarks lines on his neck. Opps!

I'm also searching for 笛子谱 online .
It a sudden urge to play 笛子 again :D
On the other hand, receive rather harsh comments from granny about this > ):

Let's talk about yesterday !

Tamp Mall > 孙女 place :D

Let the photos do all the talking
Like a picture speaks a thousand words.
I dont quit like to elaborate on my day out.:/

This popcorn really nice:D



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