226th post

Would you bring me across the rainbow to see the beautiful scenery ?

This is the 226th post in &belovedd.bs.com.

Currently, I'm blogging in front of the tv.
I'm watching Personal Taste now. (;
Leeminho so cuteeeee!

Let's walk back to the reality.
I decided to post what my heart really want to say.
I've been looking for people to chat with me at night till i'm asleep.
You may think that anyone will be okay like to chat.
Have you ever think about who are the ones that can really listen to you , listen to all the sorrows, listen to everything even personal problems.
To me, it's not anybody across the street.
I may be some very chatty person to you , i may appear to chat with you anything under the clear blue sky.
It may not seems to be true.
The ones that could chat with me are only a handful.
I really thankful to all of them. What I felt was, it isn't easy chatting with me.

For now, I hope things will go as quickly as possible.
2011 faster come
I dont know what will happen in the year 2011. Whatever it is, it would be a better year.
2010 sucks to the max.

*the break up

That's it .
Sigh, after all these things . I felt very lonesome.
I dont know how to explain at all .
It would be better if you know how I feel. (I wished)
I still wanna be a daddy's girl.
I dont like the feeling of carrying a heavy responsibility in the family at all .
I still wanna be the rebellious kid in the family whom always runs out to play.
All this cant happen anymore, being the eldest ..
Nothing could change back to the past anymore.

Clasp both hands together and hope for the best.



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