All that buys

*Kill that mushroom*
*I got another potion*
My sisters started playing maple all over again .
The " slash " sound is coming out from the room time to time.

Anyway, Hi!!

QA (Quantitative Analysis) Test is finally over now!
The very first test of the term. Okay, I admit I'm very tense up for this test.
I dont know why either. I really wanna do well. But as much as I know, I dont know how much I fare after the test. Oh well, at least it's over yeah.
Relieve, phewwwwwwwww.

Studies, how I wish I take studies as my everyday "online shoppping"
So, I will diligently "study" everyday without fail. HAHA.
i wish, i wish .

I bought quite a little things this week . :>
Remorseful . but worth it. HAHA.
Let me show you, :D
I like them all so so much!

Look , this is my package from INDIESIN.

Here, it contains this.

Love that abstract art in this ring . (:

Fox's new tees , isn't it just cute?

I'm just being vain here.
I like the alluring brown shade here. simple.

I'm irritated by my mobile broadband >):
It cuts off every now and then. Thus, I got to connect , disconnect everytime.
What if , what if, I'm doing a very important test on the net/ purchasing my online products and it get cuts off again?! This is annoying.
There it go again, this is the second time it got cut off when I'm still blogging.




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