BG'S 18 @ WanChai

Happy 18th Birthday, Bang Geng :D

Hi, lovely pies :D
I'm back to my "diary" again.
Today post would be about BG's so called birthday celebration.
We only settled for lunch outside like how we normally did for a long 3 hours break.
& so, we settled at Wan Chai @ century square.

If you happen to notice like I do , my class are almost all apple freaks out there.
7 people = 4 Iphones plus an Ipad.

While waiting for the food to arrive, all the gadgets came out to kill time.
Doodle jump, coin dozer, cookie dozer etc.

Here come the greatest news in the class!!!!!!
-Align Centre
Birthday 10 poses :D

So, we came out with this 10 poses that each birthday girl/boy got to complete on their birthday.
BG did his in the restaurant.
And everybody else are watching and definitely wondering what's going on with the laughter.

Scroll down to view all the photos! :D

Hi, Michael :D


The above food look so delicious right!!!
Like sparkling. HAHA

and so..
This awesome 10 poses begins:









#9 (plus his head as 1)


The ending pose


Below, the individual poses :D


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