Shanna's 17

Happy 17th Birthday, Shanna. :D

Hi, readers.
I had patiently uploaded all the photos. It's approximately 100 photos.
And if you know, blogger only allows 5 images to be uploaded at a time.
It's really very time-consuming.

I find the only reason I'm uploading these diligently because I want to make my blog as lively as it can be. I had been blogging as and when i got time in these few months. I guess I have developed the *passion for blogging. This blog had really been like an online diary for me time to time. I turned back to the old posts and see how silly I am . It kinda make me smile. Time just come and go. As for me , I do not have the brain capacity to remember what I actually did day to day. Blogger would be the best solution for me to store all my memories down. Photos+words.
Enough said . Let's continue with all the photos. :D

TP: Library













This the very end of the pictures.
I'm off to do my assignments > ):



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