Hi, readers.
If you came in at www.andbelovedd.blogspot.com , you should know that I have redirect it to here!
Firstly, welcome !

This is exactly the same from the previous blog cuz I import in all the posts .
But there is one thing that I forgot . I actually deleted the Blogrolls links in the previous page.
That means all my links are now all gone >):
I need some time to retrieve all of them back.
Also, I deleted my cbox for the time-being.
There's a lot passerby tagging recently.
However, there's a comment box below every post!
Meantime, enjoy your stay here. (:

If you are wondering what is kayvern behind my name 'joey' . It is because of my chinese name. 'Kaiwen' To make it run nicer as a whole string of words, I replace it with kayvern which sounds similar to it :D
That's it for today.
Do help me click on the nuffnang ads, TYVM . :D


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