House of Checkered

I'm back again!
Though I just updated my blog yesterday.
Nevertheless, I'm bring you photos of my awesome class again.

Today is the second dress-up day.
Theme : Checkered

The very first theme was just simply dress up in the previous post.
My awesome class wore nicely to school!
Refer to :
if you're interested. Laughs:D


Today is checker-ed day!!!!
I've edited the photos with the essence of brightness and contrast.
And definitely , this would look better than what I posted up on facebook (raw)

Here it goes:

This is suppose to be me and hayati too. HAHA

This is definitely on purpose. It meant to be me and sarah only. Credits: Johan

This is damn cute! The theme is only checkered! and coincidentally, they wore the same- similar!


Time to do assignments again >):


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