It's friday night / saturday morning

Taylor swift
(I know this look out of place in this post but currently obsessed with her song: mine)

Hi, joeykayvern(2)

My term test is finally over. It's really really awesome.
Everybody is waiting for this day to come by.
However , though term test is already over, what's now will be the results.

Hardworking students anticipates anxiously for results
The not so hardworking ones detest results

I think i'm falling in the second category although i'm not suppose to.
Yes, I know no one wanna fall into this category.
It just that, we only study real hard just before exams.
For me,
I've studied before the term test.
I was really eager to study them. Distractions just got into the way.
BUT i did study too. I got no idea why once I stepped into the examination hall, my mind went totally blank. Blank as in most of the things are gone, mainly the definitions that we are suppose to memories . This never happen to me till now. In the past, everything just fine. My mind dint went blank, i still can process some of them to get them down on the scripts. I was satisfied with the very first term test results. As for the current one, I doubt it will be okay for me. I just hope things will be really fine.

Enough said.

Tomorrow will be the second CDS selection.

I took plenty of time to get my list down.
Here goes:

styles and issues in writing for new media
appreciating local cinemas
basics of e-entrepreneurship
fundamentals of public speaking
introduction to the law of singapore
introduction to psychology

This are the six-es I concluded from that lengthy list.
I'm still stuck with the rankings for them.
It's already 12:44 am.
My bed calling for me.

Another issue:

I wanna get to other cds named : Global Citizenship
It's a trip to hainan. I wanna go cuz there got xiaolongbao.
The main thing would be helping my GPA to soar.
mum seems not really interested to hear me talking about it.
oh well, oh well.

The ranking of my precious list that would leave a very huge impact on my future.

1. Introduction to psychology
2. Styles & Issues in writing for new media
3. Fundamentals of Public Speaking
4. Introduction to the law of Singapore
5. Appreciating local cinema
6. Basics of e-entrepreneurship

Of all the choices, Applied Science is one I left totally out.
Wo ye bu zhi dao wei shen me . :/

That's all. (:

ps/ somehow , i feel like blogging what true to me. So that, next time when i grow all i can see what going on with me in the past. Maybe , this could be some entertainment to my future kids as well. But mainly for myself. what's my life about.



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