KianHwee's 17

Time check : 12:37 am ; 20/12/2010

What am I doing here now at this timing ?

It's because of this 17-year old guy.
I know you would be wondering who is he !
Let me show you his photo!

I'm just kidding. How could be the above be 17th now!

He grown up to be like this:

Once again, for the forth time within an hour in 3 social sites plus a text message,
Happy 17th Birthday ! :D

There's so much in the past that we have been out together in a clique.
Though things are different now , I know we will meet again as a whole big group.
Cause you will be planning ! (Y)

Happy Birthday, Kianhwee!


P/s : He demanded this! (opps)


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