Recap of 2010

Recap of year 2010

year 2010 is ending soon.

This would be a overall summary of my 2010. Although its rather bad this year, there's still happy moments to rejoice. Here's mine:


The release of O level results.

Well, honestly speaking, my o level result was never good. I scored a t-score of 16. This score is definitely not good enough for me to get into any of businesses courses in polytechnics. I'm a very lucky girl, I manage to get into financial business informatics at tp with my score. FYI, for the course cut off points is 14.


Festive month!

Valentine day and Chinese new year actually fall on the same day. I celebrated valentine day beforehand. All I can say now would be " you're too good to be mine that why we never work out". As for Chinese new year, a very nice gathering with relatives although still never talk much to cousins. We drifted so much apart already. It also gathering at friends house for the usual gambles.


It the last month of holiday for poly students. As usual, days go by by working. Working at orchard og really is a eye opener for me. All the working disputes I've seen really taught me how to manage with them next time when I step into the working society. I really appreciate friends that came down to orchard just to look for me and accompany me for dinner. //Edmund,jy,Joshua ,sujuan,renhao,Dylan,kianhwee. This is also the period that I learn independent. You know sometimes it really ok to have meals alone outside and to shop alone.


Poly life starts here. New class, new classmates, new environment and all. Initially, I find my class weird . Very weird in fact. I'm very lucky again to have Johan in my class. That's make my orientation camp not so lonely as i have him to talk to. My very first friend was Yu ting! :D After all, i do really love my class now! They are really awesome. We really love to eat. In this just few months, we ran around during breaks and after school to have our meals ! Places like Swenson ,pastamania, jack places , eighteen chef and many more to come . I do really enjoy the recent cycle trip at ecp.




This month also marks my birthday! Although, i didn't celebrate my birthday this year. Still, thanks to all for the presents and cake.


This month was not pleasant. We walk on separate ways after many many things had happen. I really hope this would do good for you and really all the best in your studies . :D


I work in youth Olympic this month. The very first yog is held in Singapore. :D A really good experience when working there. Meet athletes as well as tourists from all over the world. Amazing. But what I hate most is the asshole ang moh that create a huge din and make a fool out of himself. Nevertheless, a great opportunity and experience :D


I went to the F1 race and Singapore hits awards 2010 this month. It was a blast. F1 race was splendid and it all thanks to jy whom sponsor us the tickets! The vroom vroom sound was incredible but after a few times you will get annoyed by it. SHA was really good too. Well, its the very first time I've been to concert other than the frequent orchestra concert. The sound and base system was awesome. That is really different from what you normally hear from the television.


4th October 2010

I lost someone really dear-y to me. Yes , really very very close. This is the worst of year 2010. I really really miss you,dad. Where you, you know you've been the greatest of all. The one that loves us the most. :(


This is when my class bond really well. All the food outings.


A two week holidays for us to enjoy Christmas ! :D Well, I celebrate Christmas at auntie house as well as heading out to tampines to walk about with rh and Dylan . I also spend my Christmas eve at town with co peeps.! Great day :D

This marks the end of the year 2010. My personal opinion , I do really hope 2010 can go as quickly as possible and welcome the whole new year of 2011. 2010 wasn't as nice as expected. In fact it was a disaster. I wish 2011 will be great awesome. I did resolution for 2010 as the very first post of this blog. I guess I would do one for the year 2011 to reflect on what I did and such.

Meanwhile, a very happy new year to all of you. :D


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