What's happens after term test ?

What happen after term test ?
We go hee-har!

Tampines Safra : Sakura lunch's buffet
: Pool
Century Square : Shaw movie - Let me in

The movie wasn't as nice as expected.
The ending was unexpected in a bad way.
We chat a little during the movie.
And it is really funny .

The movie rates at NC 16.
When we are entering , the aunty asked for any cards to show that we're 16
This is funny! Most of us are 17 and two of them are 18 !
It's a good thing to look young but... haha

There's a little small part in the show that are nude- scenes .
Jy was saying : Wont show anything one , cause it's NC 16.
But ... it turns out to be otherwise.

It's not a movie to recommend. :/

Had fun with C263!
Love them to bits!

Enjoy the photos:D

Till here, this photo is really funny.
I'm playing with the antm hair swing and johan's expression was ;o

Great time with them <3



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