Chinatown's festive

It is the time of the year which brings us so close with getting red packets and greeting our beloved uncles, auntys.

Few weeks to the Lunar Chinese New Year.
Chinatown is filled with CNY ornaments, red just brings the whole spirit up.
As for me , walking down temple street is amazing. Listen to the CNY's jingles make me happy.
I know , i know , some may think it's very awkward and irritating to listen to all the china versions of the songs. But... Dont you think that it's very joyous ? It's only this kinda of songs that will bring the whole spirit up.

I like the owls figurine above ! :D

Have you get your red packets ready for your children already, parents?
When I'm young , i love to get these fancy red packets. Those pop-up red packets, sponge-like and many others. It's just give a whole different feeling together! I love to collect these when I'm young other than the traditional normal red packets.

We stop by to have a break at this dessert shop.
It's filled with many many people. Why is this so ?

Mango pudding. I dont remember what exactly is the name. All of the customers love this dessert here. Although I never try this, but from the appearance, it looks amazing. Isn't it ? :D

& this is mine! chocolate ice kachang. I never had this before, the shape of this is magnificent too. one word- delicious :D

Ending of with my aunty&uncle's picture :D

Are you on the way to visit Chinatown already?


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