Chocolate Oreo ice blended


I'm very disappointed in term test results.

It drop like in a bottom less pit.

its a little exaggerated but I'm really very sad about it. :(

Anyway, I'm talking about my favorite blended drink today : chocolate Oreo ice-blended.

I love chocolate since im still a child.
Popping in m&n is just appear so frequently that i lost track how fast can i pop the whole packet into my mouth.

Going back to Chocolate-oreo ice-blended.

I'm very particular about how it is made and taste.

This is a drink of ice-blended chocolate with oreo biscuits added. Normally, those neighborhood bubbletea shop will add a total of 3 oreo biscuits in! Those that add one in is totally a scam.
For cafeterias, they always call it oreo-crushed. Overall, it's two different type of taste!

The perfect drink to me will taste a little bitter because of the chocolate element. Oreo biscuit should NOT be totally crushed! It should be like drinking and eating at the same time. This is perfect.

I tried many , only one bubbletea shop could meet my requirement.

There are some when I request to add in oreo biscuit last and they will make a big fuss out of it.
There are some where they substitute chocolate powder with chocolate milktea which i can't figure it out why.

Please me with a cup of nice bubbletea and i will stay happy for the day as I'm a fussy- drinker upon having chocolate oreo blended.


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