Valentine's 2011

Chinese New year and valentines' day are nearing.
I have not got my new year clothes yet. How about you ?

Valentine's day.

Well, this is the day when couple get to get together and out for a date. Not saying that on any other days they cant go on a date. But on this special day, special arrangements will be made by the guys to bring their girl out. On this special day, special things happens.

What will you do on valentine's day ?
If you are puzzled or do not have any idea on what to do/get for your valentine, how about reading the rest of this post to get some ideas. They aint very good ideas but i think they will be some to trigger into your mind. Not forgetting gifts.

1. Dinner
Like I said, there are so many days to have meals outside with your date. How about making it a home date by cooking the meal yourself for your date. Imagine all the nice food in your house on your dining table. Dont forget the candles too. If you some crasher in the kitchen, make sure you practice before hand before inviting your date. It's the sincerity that counts.

2. Watch
Couple watches. Myself would prefer more to a couple watch then couple tees. When you are wearing couple tees out , who knows you might get all the attention in the crowd which you dont want to. Couple watch doest catch much attention and it also symbolizes that you cherish the time with your date. Note: choose one that suits your date and yourself. Dont get one that loves it so much but not your date. It will spoil the whole purpose.

3. Outdoor activities

Have you tried SKI360 Singapore's First Cable-Ski Park before?
If you havent, bring your date there for some fun! :D
Who says valentine day got be some extremely romantic date.
It could be as trilling as you would want to be ! :D

Or if you are the one whom enjoys single-hood ,

4. Picnic session!

Organize a picnic session with friends and family !
Marina Barrage would be the ideal place .
Remember to bring enough food and snacks for everyone if you are organizing for a big group !
Bring kites along to bring along some fun and laughter. Always bring more than one. You never know what if the wind is so strong enough that it blow your one and only kite down!


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