I'm so inspired to blog now.

Before any words are out , I seriously thinks my mum has pms.
I still got to thank her for paying for the deposit for my new spectacles ! :D


Well, I accomplished many things today .
Sad to say that it isnt study although i did revision on 2 chapters today.

Firstly, if you have been following me on twitter. I twit about an image on hershey's cocao powder as well as the semi chocolate chips. Yes, I bake this Hershey's chocolate cake ! Recipe at'S "PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE" Chocolate Cake.aspx

I also notice that oil = butter . You get to use either butter or oil for baking . Dont call me slow or what , Im just an amateur in baking :D The cake was fine , good ? The cake isnt sweet at all , all because I always cheat by reducing the amount of sugar that appears in the recipe. It turns out good when we applied the chocolate icing on the top of the cake. It seems just nice. Why a sudden baking session today when exams are nearing ? Cause mama bought this mixer and want to try it out !

I also bought my new spectacles today. It will be ready on thursday. Great enough cause friday would be the very first paper. red white spectacles. Im so proud to be a singaporean . (Laughs)

Next , it time to get my laptop sleeve . *excited*
Should I get it together for my phone sleeve too ?

All the best for examinations !
with joey's love :D


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