Photos ; my memories

Just a moment of deep thoughts.

After looking at so many photos , thoughts are running through my mind.
I am wondering is it because of you that why I drifted so far from them.
Is it because of us , things aint responding now.
Is it because of you, Im not so hatred in the class ?
Is it because of so many things, this is how we stays right now.

I believe this cant be true, i just hope it not.
because of all this, or maybe just that awkwardness, i've been outcast from the class.
For everything i hope for, i never wish for this.

You been everything in my life once, how about now?
I miss you , class 404 of year 2009 ; East View Secondary School.

I think everybody hates me now.
I think everybody is prejudiced against me .

Im just an irritating asshole around.


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