After Exams

Exams are finally over.

Like finally right, all the hardwork and effort put in for all these bullshit paper are finally over. Im still a little bothered about all these papers here. It not that I dont like exams to be over, it just that you will be really anxious about the result if you did study for this ultimate week. This feeling it not right too, abrupt sudden of freedom. (ok, i must be crazy)

This main papers are kinda alright for me though there are still some errors here and there that I've made. Everything over now. What bugging me is that that ' too bad loh' face. Always thought you are an angel but you turn out otherwise. fked up.

It's time to sleep more and party :D

I went out with classmates after paper yesterday. Eighteen chef to 'Iam number four' movie.
Lunch was normal , at times it's the certain craving that makes the food delicious. 'I am number four' movie is great. It another movie that I could actually picture all the scenes clearly in my mind now . The very first movie was 'Drag me to hell' . I will rate 5 out of 5 stars. I dont normally rate a movie with such a high rating. However, for this, it's really good that I want to watch it again. For those who have no time to catch it, you can now do so with all the examinations ending! High recommendation!

Sidenote: Number 4 and 6 are sizzling hot !

Watch the trailer here:

After exams:

1. Do up all Birthday Cards
2. More shopping and meet ups
3. Bake more delicacies :D
4. Work for $$ (sigh)

With love, joey


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