If this would be in my bag always, I'll be delightful.
Yes, I will be real fat too.

How you wondered how life should be living to be perfect ? I do not know either. What I am thinking was that something isn't right somewhere. I just couldn't figure out what it is. No clue, no idea. nothing. I wasn't really enjoying myself this few days although it was times that Im hanging out with my beloved friends. Something is just not right.

Money issue: Bank account numerals are dropping. I never had the chance to top it up since new year. Where I get the money to top up is another issue. I skipped many many blogshops mailing list emails and have not been getting any new clothes recently. The main source would be food and other miscellaneous which I cant figure it out. I really hope tmr's job will bring me money to spend.

Education : Should I retake my English O's this year?

A big sigh.


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