IT fair 2011

Joyce and I (:
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It fair 2011- 10/3/2011 to 13/3/2011

As you know it fair has just ended last week. I play a part in it too. Like normal shows, the fair has many many people during the weekends. And of course Thursday and Friday are also not being let go too. However, our sales are better on the very first day. Hmms.

I really appreciate the working friends there. My product wasn't a very easy one to sell. Lots of persuasion and memorization of facts. The very first day was the splitting up groups for the two booths in hall 6. One booth is bigger while the other one are much smaller. Im a lucky chick. I was "issued" to the smaller booth . You must be wonder why lucky in a smaller booth?! smaller booth = lesser people. Yes, you're right. smaller booth= lesser people. But, i was lucky because I was under another in-charge not the main boss. The main boss was kinda mean in work but rather nice person in reality. On the training day, I told him I will be late on the third day of work and of course he give me some leeway. That pretty nice. The bad part will be in work. It will be kinda stress working in the same booth as him. The meeting of sales target and could not really take some moment to rest by standing at the side. Cant blame him too cuz this is work. work for money. sales to go up.

Back to the lucky chick. I was very lucky to be in the smaller booth with great in charge and my lovely group mates there. My side was kind of stress-free. We din't really have want to bring up sales by snatching kind of people till the second or third day. People who came from the first booth had a total different experience. Nasty. That's also the reason why they are like this when they come over. Forgiven. (:

Until the third day something happen. Oh well, it's still resumes everything back to normal. I dint really meet my targets and was kind of scared. This are cause by the main boss again. He was like cannot reach target fire people kind. My incharge was very nice to pass sales to me on the last day. And this allows me to have quite a number of sales that day. Groupmates too! kind to help me to attend to my customer that had returned to look for me to help me close the deal. Everything was pleasing. I know I would not be so lucky everytime. But this time I really make new good friends and had a nice time working there.


Hope all the pre-orders customer had already got their goods delivered to their home! :D



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