Week 0 Regatta training

The very first day of holidays!

I woke up around 11 and im being a lazy bum to not get up to wash up. I know you would be too, so let's dont gossip about this point. HAHA

Whatever it is, I manage to attend my very first training for Week 0 - Regatta. It was quite alright until I am exhausted after two laps in the stadium. Joyce and I and the other girls manage to complete 4 laps okay! Which make 1.6 km , i think.

It's time to really tone up my body. To think that I used to practice Yoga last time and not really more now, it's a really sad thing. I've decided to continue with my hot pink mat! Actions are louder than words. I would really try to do it.

This isnt much a holiday for me, probably a week or so and i would be down for lectures and tutorials in school again.

Well, let me enjoy this few days :D


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