Hainan Trip - Day 1

The very first day of the trip!
I was late to report at the airport. I was suppose to meet them at 5 am and Im very guilty to say I woke up at 5 am. Haha.

Tiger Airway is seriously so cramp and small. I cant believe I actually sit there for 3and a half hours. ):

The first day was alright. We visited the coconut plantation after checking in our luggage at Wen Chang - Kuai Le Jiu Dian Hotel.

The infrastructure there was very bad. There are no proper roads. All I can see was sand and sand. Another thing about the roads there are very wide. You know, In Singapore we have two lanes which is suppose to be two directions going against each other. However In China, their roads are so wide that I could not differentiate which side is which. They do not have any barriers to differentiate them too.

Im lazy to blog for the very first time.
Hope you enjoy the photos!
Stay tune for day 2 (:


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