Hainan Trip - Day 2

Day 2 :

Been to Gong Po secondary school. The school was rather wear down and old. The toilets are still alright, you know like those singapore kopitiam toilets but without basin for you to wash your hands. Uh huh, no basins. no water. Imagine that.

We are being watched like animals i the zoo~

Attend English lesson with the class. The students (girls) are very attentive there! Whenever the teacher pronounce one word, they got to repeat it twice. Loud and clear. (Claps) As for the boys, some are sleeping and the rest turn to look at us (like animals). k. HAHA
They are secondary 3 students (15 year olds) in Singapore but their English standards there are not like in Singapore. Much like a P4 standard. But but .. Their chinese ZAI!

The mineral water we drank for the whole of 7 days.

She is really cute~

Stay tune for Day 3 :D


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