Hainan Trip Day 5

Village Stay!

This is the day which most of us dread it to be coming. It all because of the unkempt places and dirty toilets. After living in urban city, who will want to go over to stay at village for a long period. Anyway, We stayed there for a day and it turns out to be good! :D

The plantation there:D

Early in the morning, we were instructed to help them repair the roads. I always thought it those cemented roads but yeah. It made out of sand. All we did is to flatten the 'road' and we are done ! We took only 1/2 hour though we were given 2 ! ZAI! I did help but not much. HAHA

Then was lunch~

This is one of the special food we were served. Not exactly special. But to me I am like Are you sure this is bean sprouts?! This looks so different from what we are always eating from Singapore. I didnt try it though. :/

We manage to construct our very own Kong Ming Deng!!!!!!!!!
This is very fun. But the whole process of constructing this isnt easy at all. It requires many steps and to add on to the difficulty, the paper are thin and fragile.

If we accidentally tears the paper we got to amend it. If it disastrous, there goes your lantern. ):

But my group one a success! It flew up up to the sky :D

we played with fire sparkles too. Many many sparkles. Not one or two but a few hundreds i think. The fireworks put by the villagers was AWESOME. Never I did stand so near to the fireworks and the sound = magnificent. The whole village is as if covered with smoke.

Lastly, Mahjong all night!
Not for me though!
Great day!



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