how life?

I miss my long hair!


Let's take a short break from all the hainan photo post although Im only left with two more days to go. School had started this means the begin of poly student hectic life.

Please please dont say Poly life is easy like slack only. NO. NEVER. YOU WISH.
Im serious, im not lying. Poly is like any of the schools you are attending now. Same amount of work , lectures and tutorials. The only different thing would be the irregular timetable. My timetable looks nice this semester. short and sweet. [:

Before everything begins, I am sick. Flu plus sore throat plus cough. This is terrible. ): packets of tissue being piled up in class. ): Im so worried that it could actually spread to my classmates. My bad! Today was worst. I thought I am on the route of getting well but...

I blackout when I am on my way home from Tampines Safra. This is terrible for the second time. Im actually alone and there's nobody there for me to grab! gosh): this is funny but scary. I was telling myself not to faint before reaching the bus stop and i made it! I reach the bus stop and quickly sit there. I can feel the cold sweat trickle down my shirt. I miss several buses to calm myself down to make sure I dont faint again.
This is terrible for the third time. I dont want low blood pressure. I shall take more irons and vitamins tomorrow. (;

get well soon.


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