Scissors Paper Stones

30th March 2011

I went over to Orchard to collect Isetan Vouchers for mama. Okay, Im kinda lost there. Walking round and round under the scorching hot sun. This is terrible. What worst was to get lost in Orchard Ion. k, nehmind.

After all the collections of stuffs, I went over to look for awesome people! :D This group was kind of a very weird combi. They are my wonderful secondary school friends which I have not met them for quite awhile already. Had a super fun day with them.

The day goes like this : Orchard -> Bugis -> Bugis Street (Finally I got my cap there! :D ) -> Iluma (Arcade)->Tian Tian Steamboat (It isn't very nice though :/) ->NEOPRINT (HAHA:D)-> Home Sweet Home!


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