Sujuan's date/Baggu Bag!

Hihi, I had a date with Sujuan to Cineleisure last friday after school! And of course we had joy , fun and laughter like we always did. :3

We are super happy that day because:

1. We caught fast and furious 5 at Cine tgt!
It was such an awesome movie. Story plot + Graphics are great.
This is the thing, I always somewhat guess the storyplot of the movie before the arrival the next scene. But for this, I couldn't guess it right. I would be "huh, what happen to the thing ad such"
Recommended! :D

2. I tried Best fries forever. I know Im sucha noob for not trying it after so long. Haha. However, it wasnt much to my expectation. I hate potato skins and that the reason why I dont really like it. :3

3. The best for the last!
We bought the same bag again!!!
It was kappa backpack the other time for school.
And and this time gonna be Baggu Bag!
Haha, Im getting so excited about my new bag :3.
I got the sea colour while juan got the grey one. Likey!

However, this bag is getting more and more common. But it's okay, I still love my baggu!

Best Fries Forever ~


Our bags! AHHHHHHH!

My new love :D



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