Chinese Orchestra

As you know, I went for TPCO camp on the 21st June! I dint manage to overnight in school with them. Oh well. The camp isnt what I 've expected to be. All I can say is that , the main comm did their best (:

My history in Chinese Orchestra ;

I first started joining CO when Im Primary4. I could remember vividly that when this cca is announced to everyone, it was well-received. However, part of the reason for why I join is because of the in-charge teacher. Nevertheless, I never regret joining.

I got into this instrument named 'er-hu'. It an instrument that is made up of two strings , and of course with a bow.

In the beginning, it's tough to get all the pitching right for all the notes. Soon, I get it all but pitching still went off once it a while.

I continued when Im in secondary school. As Im the one with 'experience', I get to practice with the seniors first :> There's a slight change in the instrument Im playing though.
Firstly, It's from Er-hu
Then to Zhong-hu
Lastly, Gao-hu.

You must be wondering what with all the hu's.
Basically, it look the same for all three. What's difference is the thickness of the two strings. The most common one will be Er-hu. Er-hu will be the standard one in the three's.
Gao-hu will have the highest pitch amongst the three.
Zhong-hu will have the lowest pitch amongst the three.

Now, Im in Polytechnic. I lost touch in everything. Forgotten all the notes and how to play. >):
However, it's definately a great experience ! :>



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