Happy 18th Birthday, Joey

Group photo! :> Super love them for coming.

On the 24th June, my fellow secondary mates meet up to celebrate my 18th birthday in advance! :>
Location : Marina Square
We actually catch a movie at Golden Village then Dinner. The movie was fine, in fact much much better than Super 8. I caught Green Lantern. It seem to be a little draggy at the start but the actions and impacts manage to hide the flaws.
I will rate 3.5/5 ! :>

Dinner at Pasta de Waraku!

Actual dinner location should be at Manhattan Fish Market, but I don't know why they do not accept reservation or to help to store my birthday cake. :> (surprised!) That the reason why Sujuan changed to Pasta de Waraku. :D

note: I didn't know there's a cake in the first place!


I was super shock! Cake from Awfully Chocolate. :> Sujuan loves me!
The whole cake is only bake out of chocolate (fave). ♥

Happy 18th Birthday, Joey

Getting the candle wax out :>

Slicing the cake!

Mini Group shot

Sujuan ♥!

Da nan ren and xiao nu ren

After which , we head to Macdonalds before going back home.

Sweet sweet couple. Last long

Ienjoyedmyself. My 18th.
It would be perfect if daddy's here.

Nevertheless, Im one lucky girl cuz' of all my sweet lovely friends!
Thank you for all the gifts


p/s: Photos are not in order :/ Credits to Sujuanand Emily
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