Ive got character

This would be a very interesting post about me . And only me !

1. I only use Colgate Professional Whitening toothpaste.
2. I do not like to open my room window unless the temperature is unbearable!
3. I suck a texting with my HTC phone ):
4. My twitter account is more of replied posts.
5. I love pink and I got a pink room~
6. I proudly own a zoo of plushies.
7.I got a rather low self-esteem. :/
8. Like anyone else, I need Love. Much more in fact.
9. I love shopping!
10. I use perfume as my room freshener! (Not those expensive perfume)
11. I dont online as often till theres something important to have a mass-communication.
12. I only drink Ice-Cream Milk Tea from KOI.
13. I only drink Gong Cha milktea green tea flavored with white pearls from GongCha.
14. I hate last minute work A LOT. A LOT.
15.I love blogshopping!
16. I have a very low blood pressure.
17. I put you every little effort that Ive got in r/s.
18. I need sleep. I can never stay up the whole night.
19. I love to eat.
20. I get hungry everynight :/
21. I dont like people to end conversation abruptly for no reason.
22. I love everybody that been true to me :D



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