A picture speaks a thousand words

Do you miss me blogging here ?
In fact , I just blog recently too. Which this would gives no reason to miss me many. Im trying to blog to kill time on the train.
Im going to collect my pay now .
Woooohooo. Pay = more dresses = happiness.
I may seem to be that kind of girl whom doesn't wear dress at all. Hah, you're wrong. My closet contains more dress than tops/bottoms. :D

back to the photo, its me!
I trim my hair and dye a new color again. I know i look much like a kid now with short fringe and all. But what i really love about hair now is the color. Awesome. Love it ttm.

The photo also show me holding on to an ice-cream cone! :D That particular is from tampines 1 manpuku. I dint know they sell cheap and mouth-watering ice cream until Emily told us about it. ^^ If you haven't get your hands on it, you should do so soon. :D

Next week would be TP term test week, gonna mug now!
Can't wait to enjoy during holidays. :D



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