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KangJun's 11 / Milly's Clothes Buffet

On the 23rd July, I went to Milly's Clothes Buffet with Kayleng ♥.
This is my virgin trip to a clothes buffet. Hmms, I thought it was quite good ?
I have seen the ad through Qiuqiu's blog! It was definately a good deal with such a big plastic bag given when compared to other blogshops. However, when Kayleng and I got there, we were wondering why the bag appear so small though it is the same dimension as stated in Qiu's blog.

Another issue would be the super long queues ): We queue up almost 2 hours. This is bad. Maybe next time they should give us time slots to get into the stores! Firstly, it saves time. Secondly, our legs wont be soooo soooo tired.

After all the complains, the clothes were good. (for me) :>
I managed to get hold of 5 clothes in total. 2 of them are featured in Qiu's blog and thought they are really pretty! (maxi dress and polka dress)
Im a happy girl. :D


After that, I went to my cousin's 11 birthday celebration! :D
It was fun catching up with all m…

McDonald's 1-For-1 Chilli Chicken McGrill


I've been busying with alot of assignments recently. :( Therefore, the lack of posts :(

Do you still remember I have blog about prevview in the recent entries. If not you can take a look here! :)
Currently, there are calling for votes now! So, why don't you do the contestants some favor in helping them to like their videos. Of course , like the one you love most. The one that you feel that it would be the most interacting video resume!

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Happy voting ! :D



Beneath the dark clouds, there comes the light. Fred not.

Chris Medina - What Are Words


Best Friend

One fine day , I met Jinyou for lunch @ Bedok!
After walking rounds, we decided to settle down at Popeye's !
Just for two of us , we ordered a feast. (Like picnic)
-Seafood Combo
-Chicken Combo
-Upsize Fries
-Mesh Potato
-Calamari ~

Total amt : $23.xx

We webcam in the library after lunch :>

ke ai~

I love my great buddy :>

Hada Labo Retinol Lotion

Im a big fan of Hada Labo!
The best part is that ...

Hada Labo have a baby cousin !

Hada labo's latest lifting and firming range has 3 premium and potent ingredients!
They are Vitamin A retinol, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hado Labo's signature ingredient!
These could help to restore youthful bounciness for your skin ! :D

Hmms, so how am i different ?

This toner evens skin texture with Retinol Vitamin A that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, collagen that improves skin elasticity for firmer and more lift in your skin, and super hyaluronic acid that instantly locks in moisture for intense hydration~

(I want to try it now!!!)

Pour some on your palm and start patting your face!
Instant hydration :>

There's no reason why I cant love it ~

You can now redeem your Hada Labo Sha lotion samples here: or



Show me your fucking attitude and I will show you mine. Try me.


Like the title suggest, Im depressed.
Projects is driven me crazy. I tried my best and I mean it.
I never yearn for praises or anything else. It's simple , I just want the group results to be good. That's all.

Wanna post all my sorrows at Twitter, but to think again, everybody might just get irritated.
I know, I know, friends would say it's okay to rant on twitter. I would say this to my friends too. In reality, it's tough to heed on advices and believe in others. The main obstruction would be crossing one's own barriers. How many can do that ? Sad to say, I can't.

You never know how much I felt deep in my heart. Yes, I may look as cheerful when Im out. Who knows Im just hiding my emotions.

I tried my best.

My personal space, blogger.

FBI Networking Day

Hi! :D

This post is super back-dated but Im still gonna post it because it's:
FBI Networking day!& it falls on my birthday! :3I enjoyed this day :D

It's FBI Networking day, my class dance!
It's actually 3 different types of dance merge together to bring you a totally different feel~
.Ballroom dance. MJ dance. Kpop.
Although we did not win, we are still proud of ourselves for practicing so heard for this event :>

These are the pictures after the event! :D

Hi, Ms How. :>

Outside KOI :>


Bff. Joyce :D


I had a nice day,
how about you ? :D


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