KangJun's 11 / Milly's Clothes Buffet

On the 23rd July, I went to Milly's Clothes Buffet with Kayleng .
This is my virgin trip to a clothes buffet. Hmms, I thought it was quite good ?
I have seen the ad through Qiuqiu's blog! It was definately a good deal with such a big plastic bag given when compared to other blogshops. However, when Kayleng and I got there, we were wondering why the bag appear so small though it is the same dimension as stated in Qiu's blog.

Another issue would be the super long queues ): We queue up almost 2 hours. This is bad. Maybe next time they should give us time slots to get into the stores! Firstly, it saves time. Secondly, our legs wont be soooo soooo tired.

After all the complains, the clothes were good. (for me) :>
I managed to get hold of 5 clothes in total. 2 of them are featured in Qiu's blog and thought they are really pretty! (maxi dress and polka dress)
Im a happy girl. :D


After that, I went to my cousin's 11 birthday celebration! :D
It was fun catching up with all my relatives.
The food was bad though :/ Almost all burnt.
But still, I managed to eat my fav. bbq prawns :D Awesome. Super huge somemore.

When things are getting boring there, my sister and I went over to join my cousin ad his friends for a mini basketball match! At first, my granny is very relunctant to let us go over. You know, girls shouldnt play those rough sports. But, we still manage to head down to join cousin! :D

They are all primary school kids! This make us seems like a giant to them in the game! Haha. However, we are out-numbered. Two kids block me at the same time making me stationary! ohoh, they are damn cute!! haha. they even told me that cousin had a crush on this girl. And all the kid's love story are blurted out. *shy*


Enjoy the photos~ :D

Jolyn :>

Andrew Uncle!
Want buy insurance must find him!! :D

I love this photo! :D Granny <3

Baby, so cute!!
Although, she's not the main lead there. But everybody wasnts to carry her.
Oh dear, she oh-so-cute ! :D


Aunty Adelene~ :D

This is the kid that plays basketball with us.

it will the cutting of cake time!

Cute right~~ :D

EmiCake $50/-
Super nice!

This friend of my cousin is super naughty!
Doesnt want to take photo with me. Haha. During basketball, he the one blocking me thorughout and disallow me to move. :/

Tada! The end :>


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