PreVView Asia's First Interactive Video Job Portal

Have you tried PreVView Asia's First Interactive Video Job Portal already?

There are many people whom have tried and produce amazing works.
Let's see some examples on !

My favourite one will be this! :

Ting Xuan Tan
(idk how to put the video in my blog, but do click the link ^^ )

One got to look confident in order to impress others. Nobody like a shy and quiet person when coming into an interview! What's good about Prevview is that you could actually practice many many many times after coming to the final one! :D Nevermind your stumbles and all cause practice makes perfect.


1. Look at the camera
2. Do not sway around
3. Be clear in your speech
4. Be persuasive !
5. Add visuals

To me :

Confidence is the key to success!

Goodluck! :>


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