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Blog Day 2011

What's blog day all about ?
On the 3108, it's blog day!
Why is it 31st August ? That's because the numerals '3108' written represents 'blogs' ! Don't it just look alike ? :>

I'm gonna recommend 6 blogs today!

The very first would be :

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Why this blog?
I love baking. I would definitely love to explore new recipes to try it out. However, not every attempt are successful. Baking do need some patience and the determination to get the best results. They produce super nice cupcakes and treats like what the blog link says. Just look at the above pictures, ain't they just look savouring to you? Definitely, a yes for me! I'm inspired to be like this baker. *winks

Second blog:

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She's a resident blogger. You must be thinking there'…