Blog Day 2011

What's blog day all about ?
On the 3108, it's blog day!
Why is it 31st August ? That's because the numerals '3108' written represents 'blogs' ! Don't it just look alike ? :>

I'm gonna recommend 6 blogs today!

The very first would be :

Image with courtesy of

Why this blog?
I love baking. I would definitely love to explore new recipes to try it out. However, not every attempt are successful. Baking do need some patience and the determination to get the best results. They produce super nice cupcakes and treats like what the blog link says. Just look at the above pictures, ain't they just look savouring to you? Definitely, a yes for me! I'm inspired to be like this baker. *winks

Second blog:

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She's a resident blogger. You must be thinking there's so many resident blogger over at but why jessebella ♥. The way she dress and her make up really captivated me. I do really admire her because she had such nice facial features plus her lips is like g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. Im not crazy over her, it's just that her photos tells me that "be the unique you".

Third blog :

Image with courtesy of
Nicole then's photography
What caught my attention are her photos. There are many photographers around but her photos never fail to convey a story to me. A picture speaks a thousands words. I think nicolethen had did that. If Im not wrong, she's also the photographer for love.bonito online store. The photos are fabulous!

The number four :

These are my fave. :>

Im addicted to online shopping. To be honest, I shop online almost everyday. The clothes are beautiful that I couldnt take my eyes off. *Addiction* There will never be enought clothes for us girls. Closet will never be full, if it is, get a new closet ! Better still, a walk in wardobe! woohoo. This online blogshop I would recommend is The Tinsel Rack! I dont see many replica clothes from this blogshop. Many blogshops oftens carry the some dresses and tops which makes you think "havent I just came to this blogshop just now?" Uh-oh. The best part is trehat I love how the blog owners actually make the effort to have outdoor shoots. It is not easy being a blogshop as they have many clothes to change! Well done :> The photos are my fave. ! How about you ? Found any that you like there ? :> (This is not an advert, this blogshop truely got my attention)

Five 5 :

This is not any fashion or treats blog you see around. This is the blog that I go to when I need a job. This blog is introduced by my friend, joyce :> There are plenty blog around but what makes it useful to you? I found this blog very useful cause for several times I find part time job here! No bluff. They need people, and we need money. So , this is what makes blogging fun. You blog all sorts of things and some could actually lend a helping hand to some of us! :> Students on vacation whom needs a job here down here!

Last but not least :

This is a blog that provides you a great idea for gifts! :> Who doesnt love to receive beautiful handmakes cards ? I do and I love making cards too. This web has great ideas. They too show you how is it being done too! Go take a look! You sure will like it ! :>

Have fun viewing!
Hope you like it too, cuz i love them :D
Once again, Happy blog day!
31st August 2011


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