Chippy Chip Dovey :>

Knock knock,
Who's there ?

This time it's from Chippy Chip Dovey! :>
I took part in their first giveaway and Im the lucky one to win this!
First giveaway, First winner :> Felt so honoured!

The packaging is beautiful!
To be honest, I dont expect the gift to come in any special packaging. What's more, it's a giveaway. In my mind, it would just be wrapped with the bubble sheet (or what's that called) in an envelope and is already to be sent out.
But but but, look at the above picture, the gift come in a box and there's a string there to beautify it. Aww! From this, It shows that the owner treat her business seriously and want the best to be given to her customer right ? :>

It's a beautiful heart necklance~

I wore it out the next day with my maxi dress after receiving it in my mailbox.
Thumb ups for the fast arrival too!

Although, it look small but it sure bring out the sophisticated feel. Who says only enormous necklance will stands out in the crowd. This unique heart necklance just caught my attention. Loving it :>

A very big thank you to Chippy Chip Dovey and Anna ! :D



chippychipdovey said…
Thank you for featuring the necklace in your blog. The necklace looks nice on you. :)


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