Okay, I do not know how to start this entry. However, I do know how upset for me to begins with this post. This current semester is ending where I find it a little hard to believe as things are going too rapidly for me. All the assignments and tests making my head trobing non stop. For once, it's coming to an end. It be a good thing for everybody else but I guess it wouldnt be as good for me. Since Semester 1.2, I really wanna work hard this semester to get my grades up. Yeah, I really studied for all and had concentrated so much better than the previous semester. What upsets me now would be the effort doesn't really relates to the results Im getting. no to my expectation I suppose. ): Well, now I could only tell myself I tried my best.

Got to take a step at a time now. This world is fucking realistic. I may be gullible, naive, but now, this moment. I wont get myself into any disadvantages.

With a depressing tone, yeah. Im dumb.
I dont need you to tell me that.


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