Jasmine & Emily 's birthday celebration

On the 2nd August 2011, we had a mini celebration for both the birthday girls over at eighteen chef! (ok, dislikes their service a lot)

We settled for dinner after school! Hope the both girls enjoyed the dinner :D
Along with it, we bought a cake for them! A halzelnet flavoured cake. Yumm yumm~! The nuts are fresh too! :D

All photos are taken by Serene's camy!
The pictures look very clear in her camera. Envy *
(Self-note: save money , cut down on food and get a new camera :>)

Richgirl93 for that moment :>

I love this photo a lot ! @sujuuan! :D

Birthday girls! :D


p.s/ kianhwee, bk and I walked in to Pet Safari to kill time for a total of three times that day! hoho.


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