Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant! :>

So, last friday (19th August) my aunt bought me and granny for a buffet over at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant over at The Heeren! :D
Supposeidly, Im having my facial appointment that day too but it had been push backwards to another day. Aww.
But what comes along are good food! :>

The prices are relatively afforadbale too with the food that are provided in the buffet.
See more below :

We were there early, so my cammy came in time! Shots! :>
As you can see from the above photos, it dint appear to be clear anymore ):
I need a new camera / semi-pro. Anybody have any to recommend ? :)

Da gu & Er gu :>

Did I mention I wore my maxi tube dress out that day too! :> But it's too long for me so I decided to alter the front to be shorter than the back! No pictures here but I really love my dress:>

Nobody can guess her age here. Rich tai tai. Hahaha!

it's me again!
It's finally open!!!

The first thing I grab!

Fave : Seafood! Sad to say, it isn't as fresh as I thought. It was nice though!

I love this carbonara the best ! :> The sauce super delicious. ^^

^Ice cream for a kid like me!
Two servings that day :/

My fave photo that day. My current dp now :>
Below are all candid shots by my aunt.
She's having fun snapping me with my granny <3








Aunt and her hubby!

Necklance from ChippyChipDovey!

Im super full after the buffet.
Bloated I meant.
That was the only meal I had for the day. (too full to have any dinner)



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