Make up Regime

Hi people!

Today I'm going to share with you my make up regime.
However, I'm not a professional in make up or neither one that apply make up everyday to make myself pretty. Actually, I'm a very lazy person. It takes up to 20 mins for me to apply make up. See, i can use the time to do other things right. Plus make up isn't very good for our complexion either.
But who cares, make up can be the key to our confidence and makes us look beautiful. :D

Lets start , if you are like me (very lazy to apply make up and all), below are the MUST to apply .

Lets not belittle this. Let say today will be a stormy and rainy day and you thought you could Skip the sunblock step. The answer is NO. Who says one only got to apply sunblock when the weather is sunny. Also make sure that your sunblock has a minimum of SPF 30. :)

Trim and neat brows
As for me, I love neat and trim brows. If I'm lazy to put on any make up that day, I would still have my brows drawn. This is an important step as a shaped eyebrow contours your whole face.

Next , make up time!!


I always apply hada labo moisturizer before having anything applied onto my face. Next, bb cream to cover all flaws and unsightly marks. What good about Bb cream is that they have a sunblock pigment in it. *winks :)


Eyeliner : Depends on individual. I love thick bold eyeliner. Dont ask me why , I dont know either. I only draw eyeliner when I feels like it. The thing is that I hate touching up my make up outside. During mid-day, i always clean away all the faded eyeliner and am very relunctant to draw them again. I always have my make up wipes when I have my eyeliner drawn :) heehee.

Mascara :

I actually hate to put mascara nowadays :/ It's beautiful but kinda of irritaing when you see flakes of black mascara on my face.

Eye shadow :
I love eye shadow! It's so easy to apply on and could open up your eyes bigger! Trick: Apply a shimmering yellow or silver colour eye shadow at the corner of your eye to make it look bigger ! :>


There's nothing much about the nose but you can apply more foundation on the two sides of your nose to make it look smaller. Also, use a white eyeliner/eyeshadow/highlighter gently draw down your nose bridge to make it look sharper ! :>

Cheek :

To have a sharper face, use a bronzer! You will be amazed by the results ! :D



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